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Canyoning for families and children

We offer canyoning activities for families with children and youngsters from 6 years old. Guadalmina, (located in Benahavis and 20’ from Marbella center) is an ideal river to begin the descent of canyons from an early age.

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Children-friendly adventure activities.

TUUR Canyoning offers a canyoning program for families with children and youngsters from 6-7 years old. Guadalmina (located in Benahavis and 20’ from Marbella center) is an ideal river to begin the descent of canyons from an early age.

Although Guadalmina is our best choice for begginers we also have a nice canyon´s selection for families that want a more challenging experience: Sima del Diablo (Málaga) sided to Smurf´s white village and surrounded of a beautiful natural environment, Buitreras (Málaga) a gorgeous canyon located on the white village of El Colmenar de la Frontera and Rio Verde 2nd Pitch (Granada) with an incredible landscape and challenging activity, perfect for sporty families.

In addition to the great recreational component of the activity, we focus the output so that children and young people can take great lessons and that can serve them in future experiences; how to progress safely in this terrain, how to perform jumps and rappels correctly, create confidence (…). From a geological and natural point of view Guadalmina offer an impressive environment to the young-child to take home great discoveries and unforgettable memories.

We also hold birthday parties with educational and cooperative games. We offer many other canyons and other levels available depending on the group. We also work with schools.

Have the best adventure with your family!

Canyons for families with children



Level 1

Duration: 3 hours

Availability: All year

Sima del Diablo


Level 1.5

Duration: 4 hours

Availability: All year

Via Ferrata


Level 1

2h30 to 4 hours

Availability: All year

Río Verde


Level 2

2h30 to 4 hours

Availability: All year

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Guadalmina canyon

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Near Marbella (Málaga): The narrowest canyon

The Guadalmina canyon (called also The Narrowest Gorge) is located in the village of Benahavis, very close to Marbella. Is the perfect canyon for initiation to canyoning and enjoying a great experience during your summer vacation or any day of the year even winter season.

Perfect Canyon for Families or Friends

It is our most popular and requested activity as is the ideal canyoning for groups of friends, families and for those who want to do a half day program (3 hours). From June 15th to September 15th we do this canyon trip every day with open groups and special offers or, if you prefer, we can do private groups (open groups are between 6 and 9 participants, private 1 to unlimited).

In this wonderful natural surroundings, you will learn the basic progression techniques for canyoning accessible to all. This canyon is also adaptable to those who want additional adrenaline experience with jumps up to 6 meters (not mandatory) to deep pools in an idyllic location surrounded by mountains. Those who still don´t feel daring enough for the small jumps, will be able to opt for a fun toboggan, and abseiling of 5 metres or just swimming along the different pools (…). As we make progress, the gorge will narrow showing us a landscape we could never have imagined.


From €49/pax

Duration: 3h

All year

Sima del diablo

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Sima del Diablo (Málaga) and the Smurf Town

If you have already enjoyed the Guadalmina canyoning trip in Benahavis village, and would like to try another level 1 canyon, 3 hours, with a 9 metres rapel, this is the best option.

Located in the valley of the Genal next to Ronda, is a canyon that runs through a thick riverbank forest. You will find three rappels, the largest of 9 meters and a slide of 5 metres. This canyon does not have so many jumps as Guadalmina (also level 1, 1.5) but it still adventurous a completely different environment nature.

The village, next to Sima del Diablo, where is the meeting point is called Juzcar but most of the people know it as The Smurfs Village. All the houses, Town hall, even church and cemetery are painting in bleu colour and there is many wall painting of smurfs, mushrooms (…).

But why? This was the village chosen by Sony Pictures in 2011 to promote their ‘The Smurfs’ movie in 3D. After the successful impact of tourism in this white mountain town, the citizens decided to keep the blue colour on their houses and become a major tourist attraction specially for families, children and curious.

Perfect Canyon for Families

This is a canyoning with a little more technical level than Guadalmina as regards the rappels that are higher (Guadalmina 1 of 5 meters). For the rest it continues having the same physical level with about 3 hours of activity. For this reason, it is still the perfect trip for families and children, as Guadalmina is, but here we recommend for children from 8 years old.

After this canyoning tour, you may want to stop at the Smurf town and have refreshments, tapas or lunch at its restaurants.

Ronda is also nearby (22 km) so, after lunch, is a good idea to go to visit this city or perhaps do the via ferrata in the Tajo de Ronda (see our canyoning + via ferrata pack).

From €49/pax

Duration: 4:00h

All year

Vía ferrata in Ronda (Málaga)

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In many occasions a sport Team Building chooses to make only this spectacular modality of climbing by the impressive cliffs of our mountains since we have numerous routes of different duration and levels suitable for all type of group of Incentive. Here we offer you several proposals.

If you are in Malaga these are the best options; the Via Ferrata de Ronda (level 1), for the big Team Building with participants of all levels, or the Via Ferrata de Casares of medium level (level 2) and with two monkey bridges in its route, or for the more sportive Incentives the Via Ferrata de El Chorro (level 3) located next to the Caminito del Rey with a 30 meters zip line! Your choice! In each case, our professional guides will help you enjoy and overcome any obstacle you may encounter.

And what is a Via Ferrata?

They are vertical and horizontal routes located on rocky walls that allow you to experience the same aerial sensations typical of sports such as climbing and mountaineering without great physical or technical demands. It consists of a succession of iron grips, chains, zip lines, monkey bridges, Tibetan bridges (…), which make these routes diverse, fun, and exciting. In order to progress, specific equipment is used, together with the harness, called lanyard device that links our body with a steel cable that accompanies us throughout the route.

From €39/pax

Duration:2:30h to 4:00h

All year

Río Verde, Granada

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One of the best canyons in Andalusia

Rio Verde is one of the best canyons you can do in Andalusia, and it is ranked in the top 5 of all Spain. Its paradise turquoise waters and its versatile, dynamic route with its countless jumps are among its best attractions. This version of Rio Verde is suitable for everyone, whether you are just starting out in canyoning or you already have experience. If you come with your family, your children from 9 year old can also enjoy this sensational experience. This is a perfect family activity for the summer and your holiday.

The Rio Verde is packed with adrenaline-packed fun: with a 4.5 metre slide, two abseils of 6 and 9 metres and many optional jumps ranging from 3 to 9 metres.

Our experienced guides will tailor the activity to the needs and enjoyment of each participant, while taking the best photos to remember it all.

Logistics of the day at Rio Verde

In open groups, we meet up for this activity at 9.00am in the morning at the bar-restaurant ‘El Capricho’ in the village of Otivar. If you want to have breakfast or buy a delicious sandwich (they make sandwiches with meat, omelette, ham, cheese…) come a little earlier to not break the timetable of the group. From there you will follow us in your vehicle along a forest track (30 min.) until you reach the river bed. There we will distribute the equipment and start the hike upstream until we reach the waterfall we call the ‘Y’ (40 min. approach), where the most famous pool of Rio Verde is located. We will equip ourselves with wetsuit, harnes, helmet… and your guide will start the activity explaining the most important concepts you need to know about canyoning and safety. And let’s jump!!!! 3h30 of fun and enjoyment await you.

From €69/pax

Duration: 4:30h

All year

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