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'Family Survival' Package

A perfect plan for an adventurer family!
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Connect with nature!

This package is the perfect choice for all kind of families willing to spend a day of connection with nature and new discoveries for kids and youth! We recommend these canyons:


Do you want to learn how to make fire like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago? Learn how to be orientated with the stars? Learn and practice survival tricks and get yourself immersed into nature?

This activity pack canyoning + family survival is designed specially for curious families with chidren and youth who are adventurers and passionate for nature. After the canyoning trip, we want you to fully enjoy an adventure day in a fantastic andalusian forest environment where we have designed a brand new program, far from the city lights and noises, and really close to the smells and sensations in the world of trees, plants and animals.

After a morning of canyoning on Guadalmina, Buitreras or Rio Verde canyon, you can book this activity on the same day or on another day, and participate in this new adventure full of new discoveries and surprises. Two hours before sunset we´ll met on a natural place located on Sierra Blanca´s mountain, and just 20 mins from Marbella. This is a gorgeous place, very rich on biodiversity where we can find five different kinds of forests, that we´ll cross on our journey. There, your expert guide will give you a backpak wich contains many gears and tools that will be useful for all the exercises, the shelter construction, and all the survival tips that you´re going to discover.

What should I do if I get lost on the mountain? I´m thirsty and can´t find any water resource! Can´t see any river! Where could I drink some water? Where is north located if I don´t have a compass? What´s the track? What´s this plant? Can I eat it? How can I make fire if I don´t have a lighter? How can I get a shelter in different situations or environments?

When the night comes, we will build as a team a shelter under the limitations and circumstances that we have created. Are we on a desert? On a swamp environment? Are we in a tropical forest or european forest? Is it cold outside? Is it raining? Do I have a blanket or a tarp or even a rope? After succeeding this challenge, it´s time for hot chocolate and watching the stars in the bright night sky! It´s time to orientate with the stars, to listen and recognize the new sounds that cross the forest, time to walk in the middle of the night the same land we crossed with daylight, using our limited vision or lighting our headlight… The adventure begins!

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