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Canyoning + Hiking the White Villages

Enjoy with your family or friends a fantastic hiking experience around Marbella. Know our white villages and tapas nearby or our amazing mountains, La Concha or Juanar forest!

Hike the white villages or Marbella mountains

This package of activities is designed for those groups and families who would love to immerse themselves in the most local and authentic Andalusian culture and landscape just a few kilometres from the city of Marbella (other white villages and places available, please consult with us).

Here we offer you the three most popular hiking options so that you can choose the one that best suits your group or family, whether you are interested in visiting our white villages, the surrounding paths and irrigation channels and trying their typical tapas or, rather, you want to go hiking in our wildest mountains and forests.

If you are a family with children, we recommend you the option of visiting the white village of Istán or the forests of Juanar since the level of the trail is suitable for children and is also adaptable for the little ones. If you are a group of friends the three options are perfect!

Pack Canyoning + hiking activities

2:30 to 3:30 hours

49€/p - 10€/p = 39€/p

(from 6 p. or 59€ – 10€ = 49€/p from 4-5 p)

2:30 hours

45€/p - 10€/p = 35€/p

(from 6 p. or 55/p – 10€/p = 45€/p from 4-5 p)

6 hours

55€/p - 10€/p = 45€/p

(from 6 p. or 65€/p – 10€/p = 55€/p from 4-5 p)


Professional Guide
1 Tapa and 1 soft drink (Istán route)
Small Back Pack | Report picture
Liability and Accident Insurance
Extra (more tapas…)

What to bring

Water and fruit according to the hike, the weather
and your weight (…)
Hiking clothes, sunscreen, cap
Sport shoes, Hiking shoes



How to book

Just click in BOOK NOW and send us an email with your questions, preference canyon, date, nº of part., +location of your accomodation if you would like we recomend you a nearby canyon. We will respond immediately with details and how to book.


Sometimes we can help you with the transport specially from Marbella. Tell us if you need it and we will recommend a transport service or we will send you an offer for a pick up and drop off from your accommodation.

Istan white villages + tapas

This is a really impressive route full of beauty and where you will know a large part of our Andalusian culture.

We start the tour at the source of the river Molino and, following the old Moorish irrigation channels, we will go to the white village of Istán passing through a beautiful cork oak forest, one of the most emblematic trees of Andalusia. We will arrive at the white village of Istán where the irrigation channels become fountains and the water takes even more prominence. After crossing the village we go to the area of the orchards and the old flour mills, and there we will draw a beautiful hiking route through the orchards and terraces, the irrigation channels, the old threshing floors and a panoramic view of the white village of Istán and its great reservoir of the Conception.

We will return to the village to visit the central square, its church and there we will make the most important stop to taste the typical Andalusian tapas of the white villages of Andalusia.

A highly recommended route!

Winter schedule: 10.30h-14.00h 
Summer schedule: 18.00h-21.00h

49€/p - 10€/p = 39€/p (from 6 participants), open group

59€/p – 10€/p = 49€/p ( from4-5 participants), private group

FREE: children up to 5 years old

(minimum number of participants with subscription: 4)

2:30h to 3:30h (adaptable)

Family friendly

You can carry your baby

Juanar forests 

We consider this walking tour to be one of the most beautiful walks you can take in Marbella,
just 20 minutes’ drive from the historic centre and at the top of the mountain that rises at its feet. Ideal for all levels and for families with children, even perfect for the little ones who love to run after squirrels and who can carry a backpack when they get tired (free activity until the age of 5).

We will move to a protected reserve very rich in biodiversity where we will find many aromatic plants, trees, bushes; a very educational environment if you like to know more about the Andalusian flora and fauna. In this idyllic natural environment, we will cross 5 different types of forests that will make you feel like you are in a national geographic documentary. In the last part of the walk we will visit the viewpoint of Marbella, 700 meters above sea level and if you dare we will go to see the panoramic views of the viewpoint of the roe deer towards the rising sun.

If your physical level is higher, we will climb up to the Juanar cross peak, with one of the best views in the entire Sierra Blanca mountains and located at 1,184 meters above sea level.

An unforgettable hiking route in your holidays in Marbella!

Winter schedule: 10.30am-13.00pm
Summer schedule: 17.30-20.00pm

45€/p - 10€/p = 35€/p (from 6 participants), open group

55€/p – 10€/p = 45€/p (from 4-5 participants), private group

FREE: children up to 5 years old

(minimum number of participants with subscription: 4)

2:30h to 3:30h (adaptable)

All year

Family friendly

You can carry your baby

Climbing la Concha

We offer you in this adventure pack one of the most desired challenges for the nature and mountain lovers who visit the city of Marbella; to ascend to the peak of La Concha, the most popular and coveted trekking route in Sierra Blanca, symbol of the city of Marbella.

To reach the peak of La Concha we start our journey in the area of the forests of Juanar. There we will cross numerous forests full of beauty and biodiversity (different pine forests, eucalyptus, olive and chestnut trees…). After about 40 minutes of walking in the shade and scents of the trees, we will start our first ascent to the main ridge of Sierra Blanca. From there we will already be able to see the entire coast of Málaga, La Gaditana and, on sunny days, Gibraltar and Africa. Once on this ridge we will head towards ‘El Salto del Lobo’, passing through the foothills of Lastomar and crossing an exposed but secure area with chains. After about 3h30 of effort we will reach the peak of La Concha where we will enjoy the most impressive panoramic views of Eastern Andalusia.

In summer we will make this famous climb to the peak of La Concha at sunset to return in moonlight or with headlamps to the starting point when the temperatures are optimal for hiking. At any other time of the year it can be done whenever you wish.

Winter schedule: 9.30am-14.00pm
Summer schedule: 17.0-23.30pm

55€/p - 10€/p = 45€/p (from 6 participants), open group

65€/p – 10€/p = 55€/p (from 4-5 participants), private group

6:00h to 6:30h long


All year

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