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Rio Verde:

Adventures in Crystaline Waters

From 69€/person

Level: 2/4

Duration: 4:30h

All year

Otivar, Granada

One of the best canyons in Andalusia

Rio Verde is one of the best canyons you can do in Andalusia it belongs to the ranking of the 5 best canyons in all Spain. Its paradise turquoise waters and its versatile, dynamic route with its countless jumps are among its best attractions. This version of Rio Verde is suitable for everyone, whether you are just starting out in canyoning or you already have experience. If you come with your family, your children from 9 year old can also enjoy this sensational experience. This is a perfect family activity for the summer and your holiday.

The Rio Verde is packed with adrenaline-packed fun: with a 4.5 metre slide, two abseils of 6 and 9 metres and many optional jumps ranging from 3 to 9 metres.

Our experienced guides will tailor the activity to the needs and enjoyment of each participant, while taking the best photos to remember it all.

Logistics of the day at Rio Verde

In open groups, we meet up for this activity at 9.00am in the morning at the bar-restaurant ‘El Capricho’ in the village of Otivar. If you want to have breakfast or buy a delicious sandwich (they make sandwiches with meat, omelette, ham, cheese…) come a little earlier to not break the timetable of the group. From there you will follow us in your vehicle along a forest track (30 min.) until you reach the river bed. There we will distribute the equipment and start the hike upstream until we reach the waterfall we call the ‘Y’ (40 min. approach), where the most famous pool of Rio Verde is located. We will equip ourselves with wetsuit, harnes, helmet… and your guide will start the activity explaining the most important concepts you need to know about canyoning and safety. And let’s jump!!!! 3h30 of fun and enjoyment await you.

And if I’m looking for something even more challenging…!???

If you are looking for top action canyoning, for the top canyon for jumping, ask us about the Rio Verde x-pro version. This is a more explosive canyon and requires a higher level of fitness as the activity is almost doubled in length and the jumps to, slides and abseils are multiplied. The normal version of Rio Verde is about 4 hours of activity and the Rio Verde x-pro is 6.30 hours.
Our guides are ready for you to enjoy the best canyoning experience in Andalusia!






(15th June to 15th September)

Open group:

  • 69€/p (from 1 participant Wednesdays)
    If you would like to join an open group
    consult with us for availability.

Open or private group:

  • 69€/p (groups from 8 people)
  • 79€/p (groups of 5-7 people)
  • 95€/p (groups of 4 people)
  • 340€ in total (group of 2-3 people).

Complete photo report for 4€.

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(16th September to 14th June)

If you would like to join an open group
consult with us for availability.

Open or private group:

  • 69€/p (groups from 8 people)
  • 79€/p (groups of 5 to 7 people)
  • 95€/p (groups of 4 people)
  • 340€ in total (group of 2-3 people).

Complete photo report for 4€.

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COVID-19: Protective measures

  • Small open groups, up to 6 people per guide.
  • Private groups (the groups are subdivided to occupy a maximum ratio of 6 people per guide).
  • 2 meters of safety distance between participants ( that do not belong to the same family unit ).
  • Smaller safety distance between participants and guide in specific situations (the guide will follow protective measures such as mask and/or screen, gloves, gel…).
  • Alcoholic solutions available before, during and after each activity for the participants.
  • Alcoholic solutions and specific for disinfection of personal and collective material.
  • TUUR activities within the province of Malaga will be available.

(*) Participants must prove that they have no previous pathologies and are not included in the ‘vulnerable’ groups.

Swimming level: 2/4

Jumps: 6-7 of 9m max (optionals)

Rapels: 2 of 9m max.

2 slides, max. 5m.

Min. age: 9 years old

Level: 2/4

Duration: 4:30h

Best season: all year

Location: Otívar Village


Professional Canyoning Guide
Equipment (Wetsuit, harnés, helmet)
Liability and Accident Insurance
– professional canyon shoes +9€/p
– photo report +4€/group

What to bring

0.5L/p of water, fruit (…)
Swimsuit already on, high socks, sunscreen

Sport shoes for the canyon (or rent our procanyon shoes)

Towel, dry shoes for the end of the canyon  

How to book

Just click on BOOK NOW and fill in our form with your preferred activity, date, details and number of participants. We will get back to you immediately with the confirmation & payment reservation. You can also send us a WhatsApp to +34699199158


Sometimes we can help you with the transport specially from Marbella. Tell us if you need it and we will recommend a transport service or send you an offer for a pick up and drop off from your accommodation.

Location & Meeting point

Meeting point:  Otívar village. In front of the bar-restaurant EL CAPRICHO.

Our Rio Verde Canyoning Offers

Every Wednesday of the summer, we have a special offer for canyoning in Rio Verde and only from 1 participant. If you are only a few participants, you could join a group and benefit from the group rates.

We also have offers on all other days of the week, whether for Rio Verde or for other canyoning trips, just ask us for our availability and our recommendations.

If you are a group of friends, family… we also have group rates, where you can choose to enjoy a private activity. Or adopt other participants, expand ‘the family’ and you will benefit from better offers.

From TUUR we want you to have the best possible experience and we believe that Wednesday is the best day for Rio Verde because the canyon is not usually crowded and where you can feel in an exclusive environment.

4/5 - (5 votes)
We had a great day doing the Rio Verde tour with 4 adults and 5 children (age 8 till 11 years). The guides were amazing and so funny and friendly for the kids. We met at 9.00am at the meeting point and returned at 14.30. There was no hurry at all and they encouraged us to do repeat jumps. The kids and we loved it!
Marloes G

October 2019

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