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Kayak in Sotogrande/Cádiz:

From 54€/person

Level: 1/4

Duration: 3h

All year

Sotogrande, Cádiz

A great adventure for families, groups of friends or couples!

Explore the beauty of the Guadiaro River on an unforgettable kayaking adventure. Whether you come as a family or with a group of friends, we invite you to enjoy an exciting aquatic experience that will leave you in awe of its natural landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Our kayaking activity in the estuary of the Guadiaro river offers fun and adventure for all ages and skill levels.

  • For families this is the perfect plan to share special moments together. This activity can be done with children from 2 years old, as they sit on there kayak with their parents. Older children and youngsters will be thrilled as they paddle in calm waters, sheltered by the waves of the sea, discovering the magic of the nature that surrounds them. Our expert guides will make sure they learn the basic techniques of sailing by playing different games and dynamics throughout the trip while the kids have a great time.
  • If you are looking for an exciting experience with your friends, our kayak tour is an ideal option. You can challenge your mates to a friendly race, have fun with our sailing games or simply enjoy the serenity and beauty of the river while sharing laughs and anecdotes. Our guides will explain basic paddling techniques in a creative and fun way through games and dynamics, creating lasting memories as you immerse yourself in nature and have fun as a team!

And what am I going to do during this kayaking experience?

During this experience you will have the opportunity to travel along the second longest and largest river in the province of Malaga, considered one of the most important in Andalusia.

The Guadiaro River is noted for the diversity of its fauna, especially during the migration season, with more than 130 different species of birds, such as purple herons, grey herons, cormorants, ospreys and spoonbills, among others. Its leafy banks are full of life and native vegetation, such as reeds, poplars and blackberries, which create an unbeatable habitat for wildlife. Our guides know the area inside out and will take you to the best spots, providing interesting information on local history and ecology.

The adventure starts in the vicinity of the port of Sotogrande. Here you will receive the basic instructions and techniques necessary to paddle on the kayak. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker, we adapt the activity to your skills and preferences.

We will go along the estuary, visit the river banks and go around the islet on a route of approximately 3,7kms during a journey that can vary between 2 h 45 min and 3 h 15 min.

In private groups we have a wide range of other possibilities as well as the option of 4 to 6 hour trips and disembark at sea after sailing around the port of Sotogrande.

Our Summer Offer:

Every THURSDAY we have two outings at a special price. One at 9.00 a.m. taking advantage of the coolness of the morning and the other at 5.30 p.m. when the sun loses its strength and the afternoon breeze starts to pick up. Take advantage of this occasion!

 Book now your kayaking experience on the Guadiaro river and let yourself be carried away by the flow while you immerse yourself in nature and fun. Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique aquatic adventure in a spectacular setting!



(1st June to 15th September)

Special offer every Thursdays: 54 euros/p from 1p

(we need a minimum of 4 participants)

Childs till 6 years old do not pay for the activity

Private group:

  • 59€/p (groups from 8 people)
  • 65€/p (groups of 6-7 people)
  • 69€/p (groups of 5 people)
  • 74€/p (groups of 4 people)
  • 260€ in total (group of 2-3 people).

Complete photo report for 4€.


Route: 3,5km - 2,30h to 3,00h

Min. age: 2 years old

Level: 1/4

Duration: 2h45 - 3h15

Best season: all year


Professional kayak guide
Self-bailing kayak, paddles, lifejacket and watertight boats.
Liability and accident insurance
– photo report +4€/group

What to bring

0.5L/p of water, fruit (…)

Swimming costume already on, clothes that can get wet, sun protection

Towel, dry clothes and shoes for the end of the activity.


How to book

Just click on BOOK NOW and fill in our form with your preferred activity, date, details and number of participants. We will get back to you immediately with the details and how to book. You can also send us a WhatsApp to +34699199158.


Sometimes we can help you with the transport specially from Marbella. Tell us if you need it and we will recommend a transport service or send you an offer for a pick up and drop off from your accommodation.

Location & Meeting point

Meeting point: Near Sotogrande and the village of Guadiaro

Do you want to know more about the Guadiaro River and the estuary where it flows into the sea?

The Guadiaro River is a river in the south of the Iberian Peninsula that flows through the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz (Spain). It rises in the Hoya de Ronda, at the confluence of the rivers Guadalevín and Guadalcobacín, in a place known as La Indiana, and flows into the Alboran Sea near the town of Sotogrande.

At 79 km long, the Guadiaro River is one of the main rivers of the Mediterranean basins of Andalusia, being the third longest after the Guadalhorce River and the Almanzora River, and one of the most abundant.

The estuary of the Guadiaro River is a protected area in the municipality of San Roque next to the Sotogrande urbanisation, in the Andalusian region of Campo de Gibraltar.

An estuary is the place where the mouth of a river meets the sea, bringing together the fresh water of the river with the salt water of the sea as it rises.

The declaration of this natural site was approved together with the Inventory of Protected Natural Spaces of Andalusia in 1989, with an original extension of 27 hectares corresponding to the estuary formed at the mouth of the Guadiaro River. In November 2013, the site was extended by 8 hectares with the last stretch of the river, leaving a total of 35 hectares protected. This enclave has also been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds in 2002 and in the modification of 2013 it was also declared a Special Conservation Area (ZEC) and its integration into the Natura 2000 Network.

Flora and fauna. The water regime of the estuary does not depend on tides due to the lack of importance of these in the Mediterranean, so the plant species present do not have to withstand salinity as occurs in other nearby coastal wetlands. The flora is therefore similar to other riparian areas in the Mediterranean region, with reeds, chestnuts, reeds, tamarisks, mastic trees, brambles, wild olive trees and ash trees.

There are numerous migratory bird populations that use these marshes during their passage through the Strait of Gibraltar. The presence of the little egret, grey heron, purple heron, spoonbill, common flamingo, osprey, sandpiper, sandpiper, common sandpiper, common redshank, redstart, black-footed tern and black-billed tern is particularly noteworthy. Among the resident species in the area, the presence of the otter and the sea lamprey, both of which are highly endangered species, stands out.

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