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All the most frequently asked questions about the booking process.

We have a minor kid. Can he/she participate without us (the parents)?

Yes! We will need from you a paternal permission. You only have to let us know it during the booking process and your guide will provide you the pertinent formulary.


Do you provide transfer service from Malaga?

Only for Rio Verde and Rio Verde X-Pro activities, located on Otivar (Granada).

For the rest of the activities you will have to meet the transfer at Marbella´s Bus Station, from where your guide will pick up you and drive to the activity meeting point. Once the activity finished, your guide will drive you back to Marbella´s Bus Station.

What do we include on the cost of a Cayoning Activity?

We included

Neoprene and it´s accesories

Cayoning harness


Rappel equipment

Professional Guide

Accident and civil responsability insurance

Complete picture footage

Cayoning shoes are not included on the price, and you can rent it during the booking process ( it´s price will variate depending on the activity) We also have dry socjs in case you need it for 1€/pair

Can my kid of 6 years old join Guadalmina activity?

We recommend at least 7 years old for Guadalmina canyoning, but this is up to your kid. If he/she is sporty and weights at least 19kg, can join our Guadalmina activity withoyt any problem!


We are a group of friends, but one of us don't want to participate. Can he/she come with us?

In case of Guadalmina canyon it wouldn´t be a problem, because there is a gorgeous badin at the end of the trail where he/she could wait having a refreshing bath or taking sunbathes.


Do you take pictures?

We give to each participant a completely free picture footage on every activity we have! The footage will be sended (through WeTransfer service) to the e-mail you given to us during the booking, within next 48h after the activity.


I want to book a private group, is that possible?

Of course and for any canyon! Check our price-list for private groups and we´ll manage the rest!


Time schedule in summer. Why only at 8.30 - 9.00 - 18.00 for Guadalmina canyoning?

To guarantee the exclusivity of the canyon to our customers, avoiding overcrowded situations. That´s how we get the better experience!


What's the time schedule on winter-sprint?

From October to May, we could be more flexible on the timing of the meeting point

-Guadalmina canyon from 10.00 to 14.00 aproximately depending the month and day light.

-Buitreras canyon at 9.00am (from 01 December to 14th June this canyon is forbidden)

-Rio Verde canyon (both activities) at 9.00-12.00am (except summer, only 9.00am).

-Rio Verde canyon x-pro at 9.00am.

-Remember that you can choose the timing if you setted your group as private!
-If you are an open group you will need to be adapted at the general group.

What happen if it's raining the day of the activity?

It´s perfectly possible to do canyoning on a smooth rainy day. In all cases, TUUR team will always keep you informed about the weather conditions before the activity.
In case of strong rain or unfavorable weather conditions, we will re-schedule the activity to another day or guide you back your deposit if you couldn’t reschedule.

What is the refund policy of TUUR Canyoning?

If you give more than 24 hours notice of cancellation, a 100% refund will be given (for groups of up to 20 people, for larger groups we have other cancellation policies, please ask us for this case).

If you give less than 24 hours notice, the refund will not be possible as your places have been blocked (they cannot be resold to other clients), insurance has been paid and the guide has been contracted.

About our activity

All the FAQS about our activities.

What timing has Guadalmina canyoning? Can I book it for afternoon?

Activities during summer on Guadalmina starts from 8.30 or 9.00.

We do have afternoon activities, from 15.00.

Private groups could choose the time schedule (under logic logistic restrictions).

What should I take with me?

You have to come wearing your swimwear, you will wear the neoprene over it.
We recommend you to bring dry socks to change it after the activity.

We also recommend you to bring some snack or candy to recover strenght after the activity or to eat during a brief stop during the activity. A bottle of water (1.5L).

Your medicines (if you need them) and suncream!

Is there parking on the meeting point?

Yes! The localization we provide for meeting point is extremely calculated to offer some features like parking zone.


Is the parking big enough for my car?

All of our meeting point has parking zones close to and big enough to park every kind of car (tanks and starships not allowed, sorry).



Is there bathrooms on the meeting point?

There is bathrooms close to all our meeting points and close to the parking areas! Ask to your guide at the arrival.



Is there lockers on the meeting point to storage my stuff during the activity?

There isn´t, but we facilitate the guide team´s van to storage the personal items during the activity.

We strongly recommend you to don´t bring any valuable thing with you like jewelry, expensive watches… The guide can take small and water proof objects in his waterproof box. Tell him if you have an expensive watch, a jewelry…

We care to parking in safety areas but during vacation and specialy if you have a rent a car you could be a target for the summer thieves. Then is why we recommend to take special cares if you go to the beach …



Can I bring my smartphone?

Of course! We recommend to keep you smartphone in your car in a hidden area (always if you are in vacation) or in your guide´s van before starting the canyoning. We do not recommend to bring it during the activity as you can broke it. Remember that we are going to take a lot of pictures that you will have them for free!



I have a condition, can I join any activity?

We have to valorate each case to be sure it could be confortable for you and could be done under total safety. Ask us!

What kind of shoes do I have to wear for canyoning?

The water decreases it´s temperature during the winter. TUUR Canyoning is a company who provide professional wet suite 5+5mm you gives you the best warm condition for doing canyoning any days of the year. We have also the best professional wetsuites for childs with the best quality you could found in the market.


I don't know how to swim, is that mandatory to join the activity?

It isn´t obligatory at all! We facilitate life jackets with hight flotability for the participants that doesn´t know how to swim, making our activities accesible for everyone!

Our wetsuite also gives you an extra float, if you try it will be difficult to dive deeply, the wetsuite push you to the surface!

I use contact lenses, is that a problem for canyoning?

There isn´t any problem, you only have to close your eyes on the jumps and slidings and also when you would like to diving.

If you want, you could also wear glasses but you need to keep them in your hands in the moment of the jumps and slides (or gives to your guide).

I have dizziness, is that a problem for canyoning?

Absolutely not! All the jumps of all our canyons are optionals, so you don´t have to do them unless you want to!

We recommend to whom suffer of dizziness to not join Ronda canyoning, because it have an ineludible 30m rappel.

I'm afraid of closed spaces, is that a problem for canyoning?

Of course not! Some of our canyons has on it´s trails some narrower sections than the rest, being perfectly transitable and opened. It´s canyoning not speleology!
Anyway our professional guides will help you in any moment to overcome your needs, they are quite well prepared for many of the usual fobias.

If you´re afraid of closed spaces, we don´t recommend you to join our speology activities!

What's the temperature of the river water on summer?

It isn´t obligatory at all! We facilitate life jackets with hight flotability for the participants that doesn´t know how to swim, making our activities accesible for everyone!

Our wetsuite also gives you an extra float, if you try it will be difficult to dive deeply, the wetsuite push you to the surface!

What's the temperature of the river water on winter?

It isn´t obligatory at all! We facilitate life jackets with hight flotability for the participants that doesn´t know how to swim, making our activities accesible for everyone!

Our wetsuite also gives you an extra float, if you try it will be difficult to dive deeply, the wetsuite push you to the surface!

Do you arrange canyoning activities all year?
Yes! We do have canyon activities during all year!

During the activity

All the questions that you might have during the activity.

Do you provide food or water?

You can ask on your booking for bottled water. The cost of this service is 1€/bottle of water of 0.5L.

We don´t provide food to our customers, but close to every meeting point of our activities are local restaurants and/or cornershops where to buy something to eat.

Can I bring my GoPro?

Of course! GoPros are welcome at TUUR! We will also take you many pictures that you can have for free!


I´m afraid of fishes, is that a problem to do canyoning?

Not at all! You will not see fishes if you do not want! Of course we are in natural and fresh rivers and fishes existe but are small species that keeps away from any movement that you could do during the activity. Anyway you will fell any support from your guide, he will make you feel safe in any condition!



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