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Other topics that may be interesting for you to keep in mind but which we have never had to resort to:

1. The client responsible for the group, who has made the reservation and has received the general conditions, is responsible for ensuring that all participants are aware of the service: (timetables, location, level of difficulty, physical conditions, material necessary for the activity, cancellation costs and general conditions of the service …) as they come in writing in the information sheet provided, there being no possibility of return or refund on the day of it.
TUUR Adventure Experts is not responsible for the consequences that this omission originates.

2. Forms: The client responsible for the group, who has made the reservation and has received the general conditions, is responsible for sending TUUR Adventure Experts the forms filled in with the required data, according to the activity, of all participants. It is also responsible for sending to all participants, the data sheet that TUUR Adventure Experts has prepared, indicating the place, time … of the activity as well as the physical and technical level required.
-At the time of the activity will be filled in a small form indicating:
Illness and medication that the guide should know for the management of the activity. Manifest of not having a disease that poses a risk or that prevents you from carrying out the activity and the physical level that it requires. Disability. Signature of each participant.

3. Timetables: The client accepts the obligation to scrupulously comply with the meeting and departure times.
The meeting time indicates the time when the participants must meet in order to pre-organize the group and give general instructions. Courtesy time of 20 minutes will be given to those who are accidentally delayed.
The start time of the activity will be 20 minutes after the meeting time and the courtesy waiting time for unforeseen delays will end.
These schedules will be sent to participants or participants’ representatives at the time of booking confirmation.
The participant or participants who do not arrive within this period will automatically lose all rights to the service starting the activity without them.
Bearing in mind that delays would entail additional costs on equipment, vehicles and technical fees,
TUUR Adventure Experts reserves the right to apply a bonus in the event that the client expresses via telephone his wish that the monitor wait to carry out the activity.

4. Minors Policy: Minors will give the paternal consent (original) on the day of the presentation of the course and / or activity as well as a photocopy of the ID of the parent or guardian. Without this consent and ID will not be able to access it.

5. Health: The client has the obligation to inform about possible health problems, allergies or cardiovascular diseases before hiring any activity. He also undertakes not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect his ability to react.
6. Admission Rights: The participant undertakes to bring the basic material requested to carry out the activity. It is an indispensable requirement for their safety and the management of the group, therefore the guide reserves the right of admission for those who do not comply with this section.
It also reserves the right of admission of those who claim to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotics.

7. Decisions of the Professional Guide: The mountain guide or technician responsible for the activity, has the power to suspend an activity or modify it if so the situations that arise pose a danger to the group. It also has the power to prevent a participant from continuing in it if it poses a danger to himself or the rest of the group. The participants undertake to comply with the instructions and directives of the guide and to follow the security actions that the guide dictates to them during the course of the same. The guide declines any responsibility for the consequences of non-compliance with the given guidelines. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the exclusion of the participant or even suspension of the course or activity, with loss of all rights.

8. Photo-Video: The participant consents to the use of photographs or videos taken in the course of activities for TUUR Adventure Experts’ information and advertising campaigns. If a participant does not wish to have photos or videos taken, they should simply indicate this in the same activity.
– If the client decides to cancel the contracted service between 10 and 2 days in advance, 50% will be invoiced.
– If the client cancels with less than 48 hours will be billed 100%.
– If the cancellation occurs due to causes beyond the control of TUUR Adventure Experts, no refunds will be made. An alternative date will be offered to the affected participant.
Climatology Cancellation: The week and the days before the activity will be carried out, by the mountain team, a monitoring of weather conditions using as a source the data provided by the INM with the aim of foreseeing as far as possible that circumstance that would lead to an annulment of the activity.
On the other hand, under professional criteria, our guide team will estimate whether rain or bad weather are inconvenient to carry out the contracted activity.
If TUUR Adventure Experts decides to cancel the activity, before the start of the activity, the amount paid will be paid in full and/or a new day will be proposed to carry out the same activity. Another possibility would be to offer an alternative or plan B according to the criteria of the guides.
In any case TUUR Adventure Experts will not be responsible for expenses of accommodation, transport, diets or any other expense caused by such cancellation.




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