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Hiking, La Concha


Level: 3/4

Duration: 6:30h

All year


Hiking La Concha

We offer you in this adventure pack one of the most desired challenges for the nature and mountain lovers who visit the city of Marbella; to ascend to the peak of La Concha, the most popular and coveted trekking route in Sierra Blanca, symbol of the city of Marbella.

To reach the peak of La Concha we start our journey in the area of the forests of Juanar. There we will cross numerous forests full of beauty and biodiversity (different pine forests, eucalyptus, olive and chestnut trees…). After about 40 minutes of walking in the shade and scents of the trees, we will start our first ascent to the main ridge of Sierra Blanca. From there we will already be able to see the entire coast of Málaga, La Gaditana and, on sunny days, Gibraltar and Africa. Once on this ridge we will head towards ‘El Salto del Lobo’, passing through the foothills of Lastomar and crossing an exposed but secure area with chains. After about 3h30 of effort we will reach the peak of La Concha where we will enjoy the most impressive panoramic views of Eastern Andalusia.

In summer we will make this famous climb to the peak of La Concha at sunset to return in moonlight or with headlamps to the starting point when the temperatures are optimal for hiking. At any other time of the year it can be done whenever you wish.

Winter schedule: 9.30am-14.00pm
Summer schedule: 17.0-23.30pm


(Best seasons: March to June and Sept. to Nov.)

If you would like to join an open group
consult with us for availability.

Private group:
    • 28€/p (groups from 40 people)
    • 32€/p (groups of 9 people)
    • 240€/p (groups of 5-8 people)
    • 212€ in total (group of 1-4 people).

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Level: 3/4

Duration: 6:30h

Best season: all year

Other options

3 hours | Lv. 3/3

Every sunday 55€/p

2:30 hours | Lv. 1/3

Tuesday & Thursday 49 euros/p

5 hours | Lv. 2,5/5

From 59€/p on private tour


Professional Guide
1 Tapa and 1 soft drink (Istán route)
Small Back Pack | Report picture
Liability and Accident Insurance
Extra (more tapas…)

What to bring

Water and fruit according to the hike, the weather
and your weight (…)
Hiking clothes, sunscreen, cap
Sport shoes, Hiking shoes



How to book

Just click in BOOK NOW and send us an email with your questions, preference canyon, date, nº of part., +location of your accomodation if you would like we recomend you a nearby canyon. We will respond immediately with details and how to book.


Sometimes we can help you with the transport specially from Marbella. Tell us if you need it and we will recommend a transport service or we will send you an offer for a pick up and drop off from your accommodation.

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