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Canyoning + 3 level of Via Ferratas

Enjoy the best via ferratas of Andalusia, next to Marbella or Malaga. We offer 3 different route level depending your goals or if you are a family with children (from 7 years old).

Pack Canyonig + Via Ferrata

To make your summer, Easter or Christmas holidays unusual and very different from conventional holidays, this is a double experience full of emotions and adrenaline in which we combine a canyoning and one of the Ferrata routes in our white villages.

We offer you 3 different levels of via ferrata for all kinds of people and groups such as:

  • Level 1. for families with children from only 7 years old (via Ferrata de Ronda, in the heart of this ancient city).
  • Level 2. The intermediate level can be found in the via ferrata of Casares (only 35min from Marbella). Optimal also for youngsters of 12 years old and height above 1.55m.
  • Level 2. groups of friends eager for great challenges (via Ferrata de El Chorro, next to the caminito del rey), longer route and with a 35m zip line

You will combine the canyoning you want according to your level or location (and that you will find in our Menu) with one of these three options that you can also choose according to your level and location and that we detail below. You can choose to do only the Via Ferrata with the normal rate, and if you want other options we have other Via Ferratas such as Via Ferrata de Gaucin, Benalauria-Benadalid or El Hacho.

Some of the Different Options
for Via Ferrata

2:30 hours | Lv. 1

49€/p - 10€/p = 39€/p

(from 6 p. or 59€/p – 10€/p = 49€/p from 4)

2:30 hours | Lv. 2

49€/p - 10€/p = 39€/p

(from 6 p. or 59€/p – 10€/p = 49€/p from 4)

4:00 hours | Lv. 3

59€/p - 10€/p = 49€/p

(from 6 p. or 69€/p – 10€/p = 59€/p from 4)


Professional Guide
1 Tapa and 1 soft drink (Istán route)
Small Back Pack | Report picture
Liability and Accident Insurance
Extra (more tapas…)

What to bring

Water and fruit according to the hike, the weather
and your weight (…)
Hiking clothes, sunscreen, cap
Sport shoes, Hiking shoes



How to book

Just click in BOOK NOW and send us an email with your questions, preference canyon, date, nº of part., +location of your accomodation if you would like we recomend you a nearby canyon. We will respond immediately with details and how to book.


Sometimes we can help you with the transport specially from Marbella. Tell us if you need it and we will recommend a transport service or we will send you an offer for a pick up and drop off from your accommodation.


This is the ideal via ferrata for families with children from 7 years old or for adults who want to start this type of climbing. The via ferrata of Ronda is spectacular because it is located on the Tajo river in front of the architectural icon of this city, the New Bridge. From there the views and the landscape are spectacular and unique making you enjoy Ronda in a special way. After the via ferrata and the visit to the New Bridge where our guide will accompany you, you can go and visit this great white town of millenary culture and eat its traditional dishes. We will make you recommendations!

Technically, in this tour, we have two sections; one simpler and another one a little bit more difficult. We will make the one that best suits you. The total difference in level saved is about +80 meters, but the feeling is much greater as the valley and the Guadalevin river is much lower having a good aerial feeling.

The approach on foot of this via ferrata is also very nice. Starting from the low valley of the city of Ronda, we will make a small ascent walking and crossing the different centenary mills that have taken advantage of the inertia of the water of the river Guadalevin during centuries. We will be able to see the ruins and understand how they work and the network of their complex irrigation channels.

An exciting route that combines the cultural aspects of our white villages with the adventure of climbing the wall of the Tajo de Ronda.

Winter schedule: 10.30h-13.00h
Summer schedule: 18.00h-20.30h

49€/p - 10€/p = 39€/p (from 6 participants), open group

59€/p – 10€/p = 49€/p (from 4-5 participants), private group

2:00h to 2:30h



This is the most repeated via ferrata by our clients
either because it is of medium level or because it is situated only 35 minutes from Marbella, on the walls of the beautiful white village of Casares.

The route of Casares is a wonderful medium level Via Ferrata where you will find two monkey bridges, one of 25 meters long, sections of horizontal crossings and several sections of vertical progression until you reach the top of the mountain where the walls and the church of the village await you. All this with the magnificent views of Gibraltar and the African coast.

This via ferrata is recommended for people who are looking to get started in this sport and enjoy a new way of climbing without the more demanding commitments of rock climbing. This via ferrata is also recommended for children/youth from 11-12 years old and with 155cm of height if you are a family that likes adventure.

At the beginning our guide will attend you and will provide you with all the necessary equipment to face this challenge; helmet, harness and dissipator. After a short approach and arriving at the wall on foot, the guide will explain you how to use your progression material and how to make the most of it on the climb and at the breaks. You will feel safe and well accompanied!

After finishing the via ferrata you can go for a typical Russian salad and a refreshment in the village square, the best way to end a day of adventure in Malaga.

Winter schedule: 10.30am-13.00pm
Summer schedule: 17.30-20.00pm

49€/p - 10€/p = 39€/p (from 6 participants), open group

59€/p – 10€/p = 49€/p ( from 4-5 participants), private group

2:30h to 3:00h


El Chorro

In this pack you will combine one of our canyons with one of the most complete and aerial Vias Ferratas in Southern Andalusia, with a zip line of more than 30 meters and a positive height difference of about 180 meters! A real challenge for the most daring and adventure-loving people.

This via ferrata is situated to the north of Malaga city, in the town of El Chorro where El Caminito del Rey is located. On its walls there are long-distance rock climbing routes, internationally recognized for their extreme beauty. If you are thinking of doing the Caminito del Rey you can also think about combining this via ferrata with El Caminito del Rey either in the morning or in the afternoon.

It is not a particularly difficult route, although it is longer than the others, with an immediate approach and a 40 minute walk. Bridge a large unevenness until you reach the summit (+180m), where you will enjoy a monkey bridge and a Tibetan bridge, as well as the 30m zip line that will make your heart beat faster. An optional 12-meter rappel will put the finishing touch to this adventure that you will remember.

Of course, highly recommended.

Winter schedule: 9.30am-14.00pm
Summer schedule: check

59€/p - 10€/p = 49€/p (from 6 participants), open group

69€/p – 10€/p = 59€/p (from 4-5 participants), private group

4:00h to 4:30h long


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