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Have you ever tried canyoning? Today will be a great discovery! Canyoning is an adventure sport, really fun, located in a river with jumps, slides, rappelling, swimming (…), suitable for every physical level, it is always surrounded by stunning natural environments where you’ll be able to enjoy as a group with friends, families, kids from 6 years old (easy canyons), Corporate Events or Team Buildings, HEN and STAG partiesCanyoning doesn´t have age or skill barriers!!!

A very brief history of canyoning

Canyoning started in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, in the eagerness of the adventurers of reaching the most hidden places on the geography. A desire to conquer not just the highest peaks, but also the less accessible places in the accessible world.

The riverbeds were also a very attractive objective, but due to most of the routes being difficult to reach there were big divides between parts of the river, cliffs, lack of techniques, the lack of modern equipment like neoprene, rappel and many others made it nearly impossible. After a period of not being popular, it wasn’t until the 50-60’s when canyoning started becoming a more serious sport and lots of specific technology was developed.

What is canyoning, canyoneering or kloofing?

Canyoning (or canyoneering in the United States, kloofing in South Africa) is an adventure sport which consists of progressing along a riverbed (usually in a downward direction), with or without water, and passing and enjoying through the obstacles that we will face. That is, we can progress walking on top of the rock of the stonebed, swimming or walking being semi-submerged, scrambling rocks, simply floating and letting ourselves be carried by the flowing, descending with, and sometimes without, the help of a rope, rappelling, overcoming the siphons (submerging under water to pass under a stone), jumping into the pools, sliding down the slides or, when there are high water flows, use special techniques to progress safely (certain water flows, especially in narrow areas, always needs an expert participants or guides, so be careful!).

Security measures to do canyoning

Security measures have to be kept when you do canyoning

All these techniques, although they may seem simple if you do not have experience, it requires a minimal knowledge and minimal materials to make it a simple and low risk sport. For example, enjoy a slide can seem very easy (you just slide down!?), but if you do not know that you have to protect your elbows by putting them inside the body line (as a footballer does in a defense), you can seriously damage your elbows. This is a simple example of the thousands that we could list such as; the use of a helmet is always mandatory due to the stones that fall from the narrow sections (not only when you slip and fall to the ground or hit with a rock in narrow places), how you progress effectively when you are walking between the rocks, how to correctly perform a jump, when not to jump, what is the maximum height for jumping and what is the minimum depth, where and where not (…), that a siphon has to be faced normally with the feet forward and the head facing the surface, how to perform a basic rope installation, how to help your friends, how to rappel if you are for example 60kg, 110kg, or 25kg, when you are in large verticals (you do not always have to use the same technique!). And this is only the basics. Also then there is how to rescue a participant in distress under a rappel in waterfall or what you have to do if you are involved in a strong water flow movement, there are other situations in which obviously you have to be prepared and trained. This is only some of the knowledge to encourage you to learn or take precautions and for professionals help on your first excursion. We hope to help you.

Do canyoning in Andalusia

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